Trauma & PTSD don't have to control your life. Ready for some peace of mind?

Hello, I'm Alyssa


I specialize in treating Trauma & PTSD, Grief, Chronic Stress & concerns that involve Spirituality


Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by the stress and disappointment of your everyday life? Does the pain you see at work, at school, or in your personal relationships threaten to steal your capacity for joy and peace? Have you experienced profound loss or trauma that makes it difficult to believe in any good in the world? Do you constantly feel jaded or disillusioned because of your past experiences?

Alyssa Botte - Begin living now.

Alyssa Szymanski Botte

MA, MDiv, LCMHC, EMDR-Certified

NDHP Clinical Lead Therapist

Alyssa Botte, Military Personnel, Therapy

That's where I come in. As a helping professional married to another helping professional, I am passionate about working with individuals trying to cope after experience trauma, grief, and chronic stress from their work in the community, such as:


clergy   •   first responders    •    military personnel   •   law enforcement    •    other therapists



I use evidenced-based psychotherapeutic practices to help you heal from the past and develop more adaptive coping mechanisms from the future. And I do this in a sensitive, non-judgmental way, as I realize the limitations that your work may place on you receiving counseling--- whether that's difficulty scheduling appointments or needing emphatically to protect your confidentiality in all situations.

Trauma, grief & chronic stress from working in the community...

In addition, I also enjoy working with individuals who have experienced trauma, grief, and chronic stress in their personal lives.

My experiences working as a hospice chaplain, trauma chaplain, and geriatric mental health counselor have led me to specialize in working with individuals who are: 

older adults

care partners of those with chronic and terminal conditions

individuals with chronic and terminal conditions

individuals who have experienced spiritual abuse/trauma

individuals who are experiencing PTSD from a variety of situations  

parents who have lost children during pregnancy and beyond 

Alyssa Botte, Clergy, Spirituality

As a trained EMDR clinician, I frequently include this modality and other trauma-informed practices in my approach to care. My goal is to create a sacred space for you to ask difficult questions and to say hard things, all the while experiencing compassion and support. I am flexible in my approach and adjust my style based upon your needs. My hope for you is that you have a new experience, one that surprises you with joy, connection, and relief; that humanity shines through.


Alyssa Botte, Law Enforcement, First RespondersMy Professional Background

Alyssa Szymanski Botte, MA, MDiv, LCMHC, received her Masters of Arts (MA) in clinical mental health counseling and a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Wake Forest University in 2017. She earned undergraduate degrees from at Samford University in Family Studies and Religion in 2013. Alyssa was ordained in 2016 as a minister by the Baptist denomination and is currently a CBF-endorsed pastoral counselor. Her clinical experience includes work with Gentiva Hospice, the WFUBMC Chaplaincy program, the Memory Counseling Program at Baptist Hospital, and Heartstrings Pregnancy and Infant Loss program. Additionally, she has worked with numerous faith communities as both a minister and as lay leadership in children/youth ministry, preaching, senior adult ministry, and clinical support to clergy members. She is Level I & Level II trained in the use of EMDR therapy.