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New Referrals to NDHP


Medical Providers & Medical Practices    •    School Counselors, Psychologists   •    Outside Therapists/Therapy Practices   •    Community Organizations   •   State & Federal Services


We want to make your referral experience as easy as possible!

Below are four simple ways your client can quickly begin to receive support at NDHP.

Easy referral process!
  1. The quickest option for you to refer your client - NDHP New Client Referral Form - fill out this short form & we will take it from there! 
  2. Fax us your own referral form: (336) 884-9518
  3. Email our dedicated Administrative Team hello@newdayhp.com
  4. Call us & our Administrative Team will be ready to help! (336) 884-9510, press 1, for appointments

We will make three attempts to reach your client. Our 1st attempt is within 24 business hrs
of receiving your referral. Our 2nd & 3rd attempts are within seven business days (of receiving your referral).

We will notify you (1) when we have scheduled your client for their first appointment, (2) if we are unable to make contact with your client, (3) or if, for some reason, we may not be able to provide services to your client.

Our Admin Team's regular business hours are from 8:30 am - 5 pm M-F.

We appreciate you entrusting your client with us!