Please welcome our Spring 2021 Counseling Intern

Morgan shared with us that she wanted to become a counselor because she has a

"heart for journeying with people through their struggles & getting to see their progress in reaching the life they desire. It is an honor for someone to allow me to walk beside them as we work together to figure out how to give them the life they desire."

Morgan Brevil, NDHP 2021 Counseling Intern

Morgan Brevil

Morgan attends Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary's Master in Counseling program.

Proposed Graduation ~ May 2022

Morgan's Special Focus Areas:
Working with Couples -
Relationship & Marital Issues
Working with Adults experiencing


If you're interested in scheduling a session with Morgan, please feel free to call our office (336) 884-9510, press 1, or email us at

All individual counseling sessions with Morgan are $20 (this out of pocket cost cannot be applied to insurance, insurance deductibles, etc.).