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Daily I hear about how much people feel that they are missing something in their lives - often that 'something' in particular is in having an emotional connection with someone.  On the other hand, we are supposedly more 'connected' in our world today - almost everyone has a computer, tablet, gaming system and/or a phone that allows for an easier ability to 'connect' to others and share information just about any time of the day. For many, even connecting to strangers is less intimidating than it once was - but still, something is missing.

So if in theory, we are more connected (and it's much easier now to connect), why are many people feeling more 'disconnected'? And if using technology doesn't guarantee the desired connection, the solution must be to find a room full of people and just make some new friends? Right? Not necessarily.

Maybe it's because 'attention' and 'connection' are not the same things ~ the number of 'likes' one receives on Facebook for their witty observational posts or how many followers someone has on their Instagram account is not a sign that someone is emotionally connected to others (or themselves).

Being truly authentic can be more challenging than it would seem, but it's not because you aren't capable of having emotional connections.  It may be difficult because you are out of practice. It may be difficult because it wasn't demonstrated in your family of origin. You may have even learned that opening up/being real was a liability in your environment. Possibly, in the past, you may have tried to open up to people who may not be ready or available to reciprocate a healthy relationship. There could be numerous reasons, but being ok with showing the 'real' you is still a worthwhile process ~ practicing this with others who are also on this journey can be a great place to start.      Laura Taylor, MS, LPC

Our 1st Art Journaling Group is coming soon! (This particular group is for 18 & up.) 

  • Learn to express the 'real' you in a creative way.
  • Group sessions can offer participants a sense of belonging, additional support, and even new perspectives to consider.
  • Individual art journaling (within the group) and large group activities.
  • This is an 'open group' - you may attend one, any or all groups. New participants may join at any time.
  • All materials are included - including receiving a mixed media wire bound journal/book to utilize throughout group meetings.
  • You may bring your own things if you prefer, but this is not necessary.
  • This group is not a replacement for individual therapy; because this is a group setting, this is ideal for participants that are not currently in crisis.
  • This group may meet 2x/month if there is enough interest.
  • Snacks are included!

1st Group ~~ Saturday, August 17th and will meet from 9:30 am - 11:30 am. $35 for each Group Session

To guarantee your spot for each session, you will need to pre-register:

  1. For more info or to save your spot: You are welcome to call (336) 884-9510, ext. 1 for Appointments
  2. You may also contact Laura Taylor, MS, LPC (Group Leader): or by calling (336) 884-9510, ext. 101.   *Since I am in sessions/meetings throughout the day, there could be a 24+ hour turn around time in my response.

To hold your spot, the $35 Group Session fee is due at the time you pre-register. To make sure there is enough space & materials, we will not be able to have walk-ins for group sessions.