Greenway Counseling & Wellness

(New Day High Point, PLLC)

New paths

Recently we've made some changes to allow us to grow and serve you better!

Technically we're still New Day High Point, PLLC, but for the public, we've changed our name to Greenway Counseling & Wellness.

We moved our High Point office to a larger new office suite, and a new website will be coming soon!

New paths

We're here to help you deal with the changes going on in your life too. 

Change is stressful for humans. We're wired to stay on the same path that we've been on before - even if we don't like that same old path.

Old Compass on a wild stone in the forest. The concept of finding the way and navigation

Path Navigators (aka "therapists")

At some point, you may realize you're ready for something different and that's where we can help you navigate a new path.

Each of our therapists has a unique approach to helping you navigate the journey ahead.

Thinking you might be ready for a new path? 

Contact us now & we'll help you get started on a healthier journey!

We are here to help you. Thrive