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Counseling for Children, Teens & Adults

New Day High Point, PLLC

Our group psychotherapy practice (est in 2018) located in High Point, NC, offers counseling to children, teens, college students/young adults, adults, couples & families.

One of our goals is that our clients will know that they are special to us from the moment they walk in our door. Our clients often tell us that they immediately feel encouraged by the peaceful atmosphere of our spaces.

Creating a sense of safety is an important first step to allow our clients to experience hope that they can have something more than the old patterns... patterns that may have been needed for survival.... but 'just’ surviving is also very tiring. Helping our clients wherever they are on their journey is our passion - one that we hope includes a path towards thriving & living life to the fullest no matter if they are 3 or 93! We invite you to meet with us wherever you are right now - you are welcome here!

We invite you to find out more about about our therapists Meet Our Team and how we may be able to help you.

Do you feel as if you are disconnected from your life? Do you feel less zest for life than you once did? Perhaps you have a sense of “something is missing.” Through life, we have many changes that may leave us feeling lost or not in control (of our own life). However, if you are interested in understanding these experiences better, through a compassionate lens, you have found the right space. During counseling, we will focus on addressing the root of your uneasiness. By honoring yourself you may discover that, indeed, you have known the answers all along. Change that leads to greater life fulfillment is possible!

  Life can be different, it can be YOUR definition of fullness!
~ Angie Pérez Peña, MS, NCC, LPCA
 NDHP Therapist & PhD Candidate from UNCG's Counselor Ed. Program


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