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We Meet You-8

Whether you have been to counseling before... or maybe this is your first time. You want to work on something big... or something very small. Possibly you have lots of support... or none at all. You are very young... or very old. You believe that counseling works... or you doubt that it's right for you. No one goes to counseling, or maybe... that's just what you think.

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is....

to let things go.        ~ Unknown

Autumn red leaf with cut heart in a hand.

Saying Goodbye and Letting Go ....

of old hurts and resentments

of old patterns that you don't like

of believing some emotions are good and some are bad

of putting up with people or situations that use or abuse you

of believing that others “make” you act or feel a certain way

of trying to change others to meet your ideas of what's "right"

of believing that how you respond depends on other's approval of you

of the idea that someone else must change before you can change for the better

of believing it's your responsibility for how others deal (or don't deal) with their "stuff"

of believing that only "good" emotions should be felt and "bad" ones should be avoided

of beliefs that you have to always be in a relationship; when one ends, another one must begin

of (enter your old belief or pattern here)