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Have ever wondered what therapy has been around the longest? The language of play is dated back to the beginning of man. Play is naturally our first language. Adults often communicate through words. However, children communicate through play. All people, not just children express thoughts and feelings through play that are otherwise hidden. Research supports that Play Therapy does not discriminate. It is effective across all ages, genders, ethnicities, diagnoses, and religious affiliations.

Play Therapy is a powerful tool to address cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Playing allows us to process our experiences more effectively and often more efficiently. Playing can tap into the subconscious when obstacles are prohibiting a person from processing. Play Therapy is used in mental health settings, schools, hospitals, and homes.

My child may need Play Therapy, but I’m not sure…

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Deciding whether or not to take your child to a play therapist for child and/or family therapy is a personal choice. Children can be seen in therapy for many reasons. A few common reasons are behavioral issues (caused by bullying, grief and loss, divorce and abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, and crisis and trauma) and mental health disorders (ie: anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity or ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, academic and social impairment, physical and learning disabilities, and conduct disorders).

But if my child is in therapy, why do I (as the parent) need to attend (or the family attend)?

Here's a helpful article that explains this a little further.


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What is Sandtray Therapy? <--Here's a video (link) from Amy Flaherty with the  Southern Sandtray Institute to explain this a little further. 

If you want to learn more… Association for Play Therapy.  National professional society that credentials and advances Play Therapy.

Watch the following video to learn more about and see firsthand the benefits of Play Therapy

What to expect out of Play Therapy? Here's an idea of what the therapeutic relationship may look like in Play Therapy